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How you can help make a difference

1. Refer a Parent or Family in Need
Know an expectant parent or family with children age 5 or under, who could use additional support?

If they live in one of the counties where Texas Home Visiting is currently offered, let them know about the program at: or The individual can locate the nearest home visiting program in their area. Click here for the Get Started page.

2. Get the Word Out!

  • Display a Texas Home Visiting poster at your location.
  • Have Texas Home Visiting brochures available at locations where families will see them, such as:
    • Schools
    • Clinics
    • Child-care centers
    • Grocery stores
    • Churches
    • Libraries
    • Other visible places in your community
  • Speak to your neighbors, local leaders, civic groups, etc. to let them know the importance of home visiting and the far-reaching impact it can have on communities and society.

3. Join the Early Childhood Movement in Your Community.
For information about being a part of your community’s early childhood comprehensive system, click here and contact the Texas Home Visiting program site in your area.