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VISITING FOR ME? Is Home Visiting For Me?

At Each Visit

Home visits happen at a time that is good for you and your family. Your home visitor may schedule a time with you each week, every other week, or once a month, depending on what you want and need. Each home visit lasts about an hour and focuses on supporting you to be a great parent.

At each visit, you and your home visitor will talk about your pregnancy or your child’s growth and learning. Your home visitor will ask how your week has been. The home visitor will ask if you have any questions about being pregnant or being a parent and will give you the information and support you need to be a great parent. Your home visitor will also bring an activity to help you prepare for the new baby or one for you and your child to do together. The activities will depend on your child’s age and your interests and might include:

  • Getting your home ready for baby.
  • Eating right and taking care of yourself during pregnancy.
  • Helping you deliver a healthy baby.
  • Ways to calm an upset child.
  • Helping to keep your child healthy.
  • Keeping your child safe at home and outside.
  • Getting your child ready for school.
  • Feeding and healthy food suggestions.
  • Understanding your role as a parent.

Your home visitor will also work with you to set goals for what you want the future to look like for yourself and your child. She will support you and help you find ways to make them happen.