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We’ve pulled together answers to some common questions. If your question is not answered below, feel free to contact us.

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What is a home visit?

Home visits are regular meetings with trained helpers. After you sign up for the program, you will be matched with a trained home visitor. You can think of your home visitor like an experienced partner who helps you learn to be the best parent you can be. Your home visitor comes to where you live and gets to know you. You talk about what’s going on in your life, and you talk about your child’s health and learning. Your home visitor answers your questions and helps with anything that might be worrying you.

How much do home visits cost?

Home visits are free.

Who can be in the program?

This program is for expectant parents and parents with children 5 years old and under. It is for parents who could use help getting ready for the baby, taking care of more than one child, learning new ways to keep children happy and healthy, getting children ready for school, or understanding how important parents are to a child’s learning and well-being.

What are the qualifications of the home visitors?

All home visitors have a lot of training on helping families with young children. In the first year of training, they usually get more than 50 hours of instruction on subjects like parent-child interaction, child development, how to get fathers involved, child health and safety, and so on. Depending on the program, most home visitors have at least a high school diploma and many have college degrees in health or early childhood development. Many home visitors are also certified in areas such as CPR and first aid. All get a criminal background check before being hired.

What happens on a home visit?

Home visits are as unique as your family. During each visit, your home visitor will ask how you are doing and answer any questions you might have. Usually, your home visitor will bring activities and materials for you to share. These resources might be about child development, child health, parent-child interaction, safety, different ways to discipline, and so on. These activities help build a good relationship between you and your child. Many will show ways you and your child can spend quality time together.

The home visitor will also work with you to identify goals and find ways to make them happen. This may include things like teaching healthy eating habits to children, creating a bedtime routine, reading to your child every day, and so on. The goals created are always the ones your family wants and needs. They are customized to meet the specific needs of each family.

What kinds of programs are there for first-time parents?

Home visiting can help with things like staying healthy and getting prenatal care, getting your home ready for the baby, ideas for how to soothe your baby when she cries, and many other ideas for keeping you and your new baby happy and healthy.

Does home visiting help me look for a job, find day care, or get my house cleaned?

Home visiting is not set up to find jobs, provide day care, or clean houses. But your home visitor will have lots of ideas for ways to find other services in the community and usually knows other service providers. Home visiting is designed to help you achieve your goals and meet your family’s needs.

Is my home visitor going to treat me differently than people who don’t need help?

No, because we all need help sometimes. Your home visitor will make you feel comfortable and safe. It’s very likely your home visitor has been through something similar to what you’re going through, so there are common experiences you can share.

Can we just talk about stuff together?

Yes, talking is a big part of home visiting. Talking helps you and your home visitor understand your needs and wants. Then you can work together to set goals and create a plan for reaching them.

How often do home visits happen?

Depending on your needs, home visits can happen as often as every week or as little as once a month. Home visits last about an hour. Depending on the program and your child’s age, you can sign up for one to five years.

Can my home visitor teach me how to be more patient with my children or how to communicate better with family members?

Yes, home visitors can help you find solutions to work through issues like these.

Will my home visitor correct my child if he is acting up?

No, your home visitor will not discipline your child. Your home visitor can help you learn ways for you to correct your children with confidence and success.

Can the home visitor help me prepare for my child’s shots and doctor appointments?

Yes, you will learn how to prepare your child to go to the doctor and what to do when she gets her shots.

Can I quit the program if I don’t like it?

Yes, the program is completely voluntary, so you can be a part of it for as long as you want. If you do stay with the program, you can learn ways to keep your child safe, happy, and healthy. These can be life-changing lessons that can lead to a better future for you and your family.

How do I sign up?

Go to Get Started to find local home visiting providers near you.  A local provider will contact you and determine your eligibility.